Boards and Commissions

Resident Involvement

City government depends heavily on residents who volunteer their time and energy to participate as members of boards and commissions. The involvement of residents is important to setting the direction of Marble Falls’ future. To apply for appointment to a city board or commission, fill out our application.

Qualifications for Appointment

The Marble Falls’ Home Rule Charter establishes that all members of city boards and commission must be residents of Marble Falls, a registered voter of the city and shall not be in arrears in the payment of any taxes or liability due the city. Members of MFEDC Board may also be a resident of Burnet County who resides within 10 miles of the corporate city limits boundary. Members of the Planning & Zoning Commission must own real property within the City limit of Marble Falls.  Members of the TIRZ Board own real property within the TIRZ or be an agent or employee of a real property owner who owns real property within the TIRZ.

Selection Process

Members of boards and commissions are appointed by the Mayor and City Council. Board and commission members are appointed by City Council majority vote. In most cases board members may serve on only one board or commission at the same time. Any member who is absent from three regularly scheduled meetings is subject to removal.

City Committees, Boards & Commissions

  1. Animal Control Advisory Commission

    Learn about the animal control ordinances, procedures of enforcement and administration of those ordinances and procedures for Marble Falls.

  2. Capital Improvement Plan Committee

    The Capital Improvement Plan Committee makes recommendations to the City Manager and the City Council and reviews the current CIP and files written comments regarding recommended amendments and prioritization of the City’s needs for capital improvement projects.

  3. Economic Development Corporation

    The Marble Falls Economic Development Corporation is a 4B nonprofit corporation. The purpose of the corporation is to promote, assist, and enhance economic development.

  4. Ethics Review Commission

    The Ethics Review Commission has jurisdiction over ethics complaints involving city officials and city employees.

  5. Hotel Motel Tax Advisory Committee

    The Hotel / Motel Tax Advisory Committee reviews all funding applications and makes recommendations to the City Council.

  6. Impact Fee Advisory Committee

    The Impact Fee Advisory Committee’s role is to work with the consultant and provide recommendations regarding adoption of the impact fees to the City Council.

  7. Parks and Recreation Commission

    The Parks and Recreation Commission serves in an advisory capacity and makes recommendations to the City Council concerning the acquisition, maintenance, operation and use of parks and open spaces within the City. Special Cemetery Members are also appointed to represent City Cemetery business only. Special Cemetery Members only participate in Commission Meetings with cemetery business.

  8. Planning and Zoning Commission

    The Planning and Zoning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on rezoning requests, platting and subdivision of land within and in the ETJ of the city, changes to the Subdivision Regulations, requests for variances, special exceptions, and changes and appeals to the Land Use Regulations.

  9. Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) Board #1

    The TIRZ Board #1 makes recommendations to the City Council concerning the administration, management and operation of the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone. They also prepare (or cause to be prepared) and adopt a project plan and reinvestment zone financing plan for the zone, and submit plans to the City Council for approval.

  10. Zoning Advisory Committee

    The Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC) is an issue-diverse citizen's committee representing the City's views and interests.